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Meet Khris Damien, 22 year-old Navy boy and college student from Dallas, Texas. Khris stands 5'10" tall, weighs about 160 lbs. and comes complete with a gorgeous 7" cock. Oh, and let's not forget that winning smile and those sparkling brown eyes. You would describe Khris as "compact" in the sense that he's slender, fit and with just the right body and musculature to look as good in clothes as he does out of them. "Haha, well I do prefer being out of them whenever possible", he told us. Khris is interested in movies, concerts etc. but especially outdoor activities. "That's right", he says. "I love horseback riding, basketball... just about anything athletic. I especially like this kinda private 'swimmin hole' over by Fort Worth. Lots of cute guys there... military base nearby... and they're not one bit afraid of struttin' around naked. And maybe even having some fun afterwards". Sexually, Khris is versatile, telling us that he's attracted to many types of guys and the type determines whether he'll bottom or top. He also loves sucking dick and getting his own meat-pole slobbered on. "That sounds good anytime!", he jokes. "I'm a really physical and sexual guy and I love to do just about anything. Bustin' a load feels awesome and something I gotta do at least 2 or 3 times a day".

Page Published 12/4/16

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