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Once in a great while we come across a truly beautiful young man, and 19 year-old Ricky Flores is certainly one of those. Born of black and Mexican parents, Ricky possesses a body and facial features that combine the best of both. Above the neck, he's got a gorgeous, sensual face with oh-so-kissable lips and a sultry smile. Below the neck, he's got an awesome ripped & toned body, shapely ass and a huge 9" uncut cock. "And I'm versatile, so I'm really the best of everything", he laughed. "Seriously, I love everything about sex. Sucking. Fucking. Rimming. You name it; it's all hot!". Ricky prefers guys around his own age for sex, but he's not ageist at all otherwise. "That's right. I've got friends of all ages and I like them all. I belong to a car club (yeah I'm a car enthusiast.. street racing rocks!) and there's guys and girls of all ages in there. We have so much fun!". But this young man is also in school studying music... and he writes poetry... and he can draw... and he can suck his own dick... so is there anything he can't do? "Hmm, well.. I guess I haven't tried everything yet. Give me time!"

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Ricky Flores

Featured in:
Black Inches Magazine (May 2007)

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