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21 year old Ace Sinclair came to us from sunny southern California, where he's fresh out of the military and now bartending and stripping. And why not... because this boi's hot as fuck! "It's good money!", he told us. "Between porn and the other stuff, I can do really well. I'm gonna try to save money, though, because what I really want is my own club. A sex club!". Is he kidding? "Fuck no, dude! A bangin' hot club, with a bar and dance floor, and wild kinky rooms to fuck in. Damn, I'd be my own best customer", he laughed. Probably true, as you can imagine from looking at this gorgeous 6' 2" young stud. The shaved head gives him a cocky "attitude" too, don't you think? And the thick 9" cock hanging between his legs is always ready for fun. And if he doesn't sound perfect enough, he's versatile! "Oh fuck yeah, I probably love to get fucked more than fucking. I guess I just have a body built for sex!", he said.

Page Published 3/12/08

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Ace Sinclair

Featured in:
Inches Magazine (June 2009)

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