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18 year-old Alex Lynn comes to us from Sandusky, Ohio, where he attends junior college and works part time at a popular amusement park. He's 5' 10" tall, weighs a slight 140 lbs., and we think he's just sexy as hell! When he's not in class or working, you'll find Alex in Cleveland, Toledo or maybe even Detroit, going clubbing or having fun with his friends. "I just came out of the closet a year ago", he explained. "I've met a lot of cool guys, and even a few I like to mess around with, but I guess basically I'm not really into the 'gay scene', at least not now. I like hanging out and regular teen stuff I guess. I don't care if my friends are gay or bi or str8 or whatever, but the hot ones make a special impression on me!". Alex tells us that he loves making out with a guy... loves sucking cock and getting his dick sucked.. but he hasn't tried fucking yet. "Oh, I wanna do it! I just don't know if I'm a top or bottom or what, but my friends tell me I got a cute ass, and this one dude rimmed me once and it sure felt good, so maybe I'll decide to bottom some day!", he joked. Hopefully, Alex will let us get it on video!
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Alex Lynn

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Allboy Magazine (Holiday 2005)

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