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19 year old Andy Cortez, from Miami Florida, joins the Citiboyz family in 2007 and we couldn't be more thrilled! We've been after Andy for more than a year, and our persistence finally paid off. "You guys are such charmers! I don't know why I waited so long, but I had an awesome time working with you guys and I'm just fuckin' stoked about being one of your top new guys!", he told us. Andy's a 5' 9", 140 lb. bundle of sexuality, with his killer smile, smooth & slender body and a ready to rock 'n roll 7" cock. "Man, I love sex. I'd get it all the time if I didn't have school and work and stuff. Haha. I'm a horny kid, ya know?". For sure, we know. Andy tells us that he likes most everything sexual, although he's kinda partial to bottoming. "Well, yeah. That's an understatement", he laughed. "I like to get fuckin' pounded. Pounded hard! You guys hook me up with a hot top and I'll moan, scream, sweat.. whatever! I'll give you a good show. Just let 'em at me!".

Page Published 9/2/07

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Andy Cortez

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Playguy Magazine (May 2009)

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