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Meet sexy blue-eyed Blake Hunter, 20 year old 6 ft. tall, brown-haired studmuffin from Houston TX. Behind the boyish good looks and sexy body, there lurks a horny animal ready to pounce. "Haha, you're talking about my tattoos, right?", he laughed. "But yeah, I chose them for a reason. I do feel like an animal sometimes. I'm bisexual, so that means whether I'm around girls or guys, I'm always horny and poppin' boners". Blake told us that he loves fucking chicks, but with men he's a total bottom. "Not just bottom. Bottom slut!", he explained. ""I looooove gettin' rammed hard, too. And I'm dirty and verbal. I really try to get a guy so fuckin' horny that he'll literally take out his aggression on my ass". This is what we look for in a performer, as you'll see in his video work.

Page Published 4/27/10

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Blake Hunter

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