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Meet 18 year old Brandon Cyler, latino super cutie from Chicago, standing 5' 5", weighing 120 lbs, with black hair, brown eyes, a gorgeous 7" dick and the cutest, most innocent smile you've ever seen. But in reality he's far from innocent. "Oh wow, I can't believe you'd say that about me", he laughed. "Sure, I'm hot 'n sexy, and I've had lots of sex, and now I can say I've done porn, but I'm still just an innocent boi to my mom and family!". And if you knew him, you would see why... because he's just as quiet as can be, almost shy, who loves to read and study... avoids partying... but in bed, he's a wild animal. "How would you know?", he chuckled. "You've filmed me about everywhere besides a bed! You filmed me in the shower, in a bath house, an art gallery, a room full of guys... the only bed I've seen with you guys was the hotel where we stayed", OK, it's true. But we would have shot him there if we had time. Next time, for sure. One of the things we really like about Brandon, besides his sexy l'il bod, is that he's so interesting to talk to. He's a college freshman, studying pre-architecture, and he's very tuned into current events and the world around him. He's a treasure to have as a friend and we look forward to lots more action from our boi Brandon.

Page Published 4/29/09

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Brandon Cyler

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