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Meet San Diego native, 18 year-old hottie Bret Lawson. Tall, skinny, but sexy as hell... with a big dick to go along with it... Bret is just the boy that'll get your juices flowing! He carefully researched studios and we're glad he settled on Citiboyz. "You guys were really great!", he stated. "I was kinda nervous, but y'all made me feel right at home. The other boyz were cool. Chicago was awesome! I had a blast!". And who said shooting porn was all work and no play? When not cruising boyz or doing vids, Bret attends community college and hopes some day to become a police officer. He's traveled a lot (parents were in the military) and got to see a lot of the US. "The west coast is definitely where I wanna be", says Bret. "The weather is awesome... the boyz are fuckin hot... it's perfect!". We at Citiboyz don't know if we'll ever convince him to move to the midwest, but if he did, it wouldn't be the same with this hot young stud around!
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Bret Lawson

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine (Jan. 2005)

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