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Isn't he just adorable? That's our boi Brooklyn Ray, 21 years old and from Chicago. 6 feet tall, stunning blue eyes, perfect 8" dick. What more do you need to be popular? Oh, did we mention he's a bartender at one of the most trendy clubs in Chicago's notorious "Boystown" district? "The latter... that's why I'm popular", he chuckled. "The boys at the club.. they think if the hit on me I'll give 'em free drinks. Haha, as if! But if they tip me good, I'll flirt back. I make a couple hundred bucks on a good night, just in tips. It's awesome!", he told us. This is how we ran across him... at the bar. A business card offered... phone numbers exchanged... and this sexy young stud was fucking, sucking and cumming for the Citiboyz cameras. He's 100% top, but hey... with a dick like his, it's a blessing for bottoms everywhere. "Hell yeah! Bring 'em on", he laughed. "I like 'em young, smooth and tight. Put that in front of me, and I'll tear it up!". And look for him to do just that in his Citiboyz DVD's!

Page Published 3/8/08

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Brooklyn Ray

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