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Adorable 19 year old Cache Collins hails from Arkansas, where he's in college and works at a manufacturing plant. On weekends he and his brother Kyle would take their girlfriends (yes, he's straight) and drive to St. Louis for the club scene, which is where we ran into him and his sexy brother. "We were really glad to meet you too", he told us. "I guess I'd always wanted to show off my body. I have an exhibitionist streak, and when you suggested doing some porn work, I got really excited!". This young man was such a natural in front of the camera, too. His vital stats are: Height 5'9", Weight 120 lbs., Dick 7" cut, brown eyes and brown hair. With a personality and sex appeal that can't be beat. "Aww, thanks guys", he laughed. "Seriously though, I love showing off and I might even be talked into some guy/guy action someday, so let's stay in touch!". Hopefully he wasn't kidding and we can bring our fans lots more of sexy Cache.

Page Published 5/5/13

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Cache Collins

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Allboy Magazine (July/Aug 2013)

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