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Slender and sexy describes 18 year old Caden Skie. Caden's from Orlando, where he's in school studying theatre and is a go-go boy part time at night. "I like showing off, and I like the money", he tells us. "I really groove on the attention. It makes me horny, so I get some pretty good tips! And even more invitations, if you know what I mean!". So modeling was a natural for this adorable 5'8", 120 lb. bundle of sexuality, right? "Well, yeah. I'm a theatre major too. So I have some talent with acting and putting myself out there. I really want to entertain people. It's who I am, I guess. Porn takes that into the sexual realm". Wow, that's pretty intelligent sounding for a go-go boy. "Hey now!", he protested. "I know you're just kidding. Haha. I know some of your other models and they're not your usual boys. You guys got some smart people working for you". It's true... and we appreciate that. Caden's a perfect example.

Page Published 5/30/09

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Caden Skie

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine (January 2011)

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