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19 year old Caleb Hunt comes to us from Alabama, where he's a college student and works part time at one of the popular Gulf coast casinos. Actually, Caleb was visiting friends in the midwest when we spotted him, having some coffee at Barnes & Noble and checking out the hot guys. "Haha, yeah that's my fave cruising spot, I guess", he laughed. "I like the guys to think I'm straight, so I pick out a book on auto mechanics or something and make eye contact with the ones I like. Sooner or later, they'll come over and say hi. Works every time!". Then what happens, we asked. "Well, I'll go home with them and have a beer or two and then tell 'em I'm horny and that's all it usually takes", he boasted. "They're on their knees sucking me off in no time. And when I tell 'em I want to get fucked, well.. oh man... that gets 'em hard and horny. I love a big dick fucking my ass. I just don't want to look like I do. Haha!". For you stats-fans, Caleb is 6' 2", about 160 lbs., with brown hair, hazel eyes and a 7" cut cock. "And a hot ass that loves getting fucked hard. Don't forget that!", he reminded us. Don't worry, we won't forget.

Page Published 6/18/08

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Caleb Hunt