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Hail Cesar! OK, we had to say it. But really, why not? This 21 year old Latino hottie is an attention getter for sure. Cesar lives in the St. Louis area where he's a college student by day and a performer at a local club by night. This is where he came to our attention. A business card and a short conversation later and he was workin' it for the cameras. "Well, it's something I always wanted to do because I love showing off. I'm a true exhibitionist!", he told us. "I really get off knowing that guys are gettin' hardons and pre-cumming watching me up on stage. And I guess the thought of them jackin' off and cummin' while they're watching me on video is even hotter". And this is why... 5'8" height, 140 lbs., golden brown skin, big brown eyes, killer ass and 8.5" uncut cock. Add to that a sexy smile and this boy has you under his spell. Now what's he all about sexually? "I'm versatile, although I prefer to get fucked. My ass is more sensitive than my dick. Haha... although I do like a hot mouth wrapped around it. And I really fall for guys who are aggressive with me... dominate me... that'll get me hard and cummin' every time". So it's no wonder why we selected this young man, right? Right.

Page Published 2/9/11

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Cesar Xes

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