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Christian Chase is just 19 years old, but he's already a young stud. Christian is from the St. Louis area where he is in college and works as a dancer in a popular nightclub. He's 5'8" tall, weighs about 145 lbs. and has blonde hair and brown eyes. And a massive 9" dick. And let's not forget a cute ass, winning smile and sexy personality. "Aww, that's flattering", he told us. "Honestly, sometimes I think people only like me for my dick, and of course I don't mind. But I'm a really nice guy if you get to know me". It's easy to see why this young man is so popular, both with friends and patrons of the club he works at. Just in our limited conversation with him, he comes across as very intelligent and thoughtful. But we know our viewers are interested in the naughty side of this boy, too. "Fuck yeah, that's why I love showing off so much", he stated. "I'm an exhibitionist. I just love to strip and dance. It's really liberating. And I'm always thinking about what's waiting for me when I get home. Am I gonna top or bottom tonight? That's the question!". Look for more from this powerfully hot young man.

Page Published 5/6/12

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Christian Chase

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Allboy Magazine (Sep/Oct. 2012)

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