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20 year-olds don't get much hotter than this. We're talking about C. K. Steel, of course, the sexiest Wisconsinite we've run across in our travels. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but this young man stands just 5'4" tall, but his 135 lb. frame is packed with a sexuality that just won't quit. It's through and through. "Well, thanks guys, that's really flattering", he told us. "I guess it's true, though. I'm pretty much obsessed with sex. Have been since I was a kid. I love jackin' off and I love gettin' fucked. My favorite thing is sucking dick, but gettin' fucked is my second favorite". This brown haired, brown eyed beauty is sexy and affectionate in person so it's easy to see why guys fall under his spell. And of course a 7" dick on a 5'4" frame looks damn good too. "Maybe I'm lucky", he laughed. "I have a great cock and a great ass and I believe my body is for sex". One day, though, he plans to start college and study music, but until then he's going to have fun and explore his sexuality. We wish we were him.

Page Published 3/30/14

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C.K. Steel

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