They don't get much sexier than Cody Love, 18 year-old blond haired, blue eyed cutie from Peoria, Illinois! This adorable thing stands 5'7" tall, weighs about 125 lbs., sports a nice 7" cock and has a helluva cute, fuckable ass. "Oh, you think so?", he laughed at us. "Well, uh, it's my best feature, I guess, cuz everybody seems to want it.". Cody went on to tell us that, although he's versatile in bed, he prefers to bottom, and the thicker the better. "Um, did I say that? Haha, yeah I suppose I did. I really like a nice thick cock in my ass, that's for sure. Sucking and stuff.. that's hot... but you'll really make me scream when you plow me deep with a big dick. Do that and I'm all yours". But Cody's not just a sex machine.. he's a smart young man that graduated 1st in his class in high school and attends college now, studying fashion and design. "Yeah, well my cuteness won't last forever, but I'm having a good time with it now", he laughed. We're pleased to have Cody Love in the Citiboyz family!

Page Published 8/15/07

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Cody Love

Featured in:
Playguy Magazine (July 2009)

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