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Originally from Oklahoma, handsome 18 year old Cody Kyler now makes his home in Miami FL, where he's pursuing his modeling career. Cody stands 6 ft. tall, weigh 150 lbs., has brown eyes and brown hair, and is "packin" a respectable 7 inches (cut). Although versatile, Cody really prefers getting fucked. "Hell yeah, I do! I can take a cock! Dude, you know that!", he laughed. "I mean, hell... I'll fuck a cute boy's ass anytime, but I'm way more of a bottom boy. I fuckin' love the feeling of a big, hard, thick dick pounding away inside me. Dude, I get into that! It's so intense for me I just sometimes zone out and just let a guy fuck me as long as he wants". Have you fans figured out yet that this boy's a sex monster? "Fuck yeah... haha... that's me, a sex monster! You got that right!", he told us. "That threesome I did for you guys was my first one, can you believe that? I wanna do a lot more. It was fuckin' awesome having two dudes takin' turns fuckin' me. Fuck, I love cock so much!" Oh, such innocence.... and curiosity... a combination that'll take Cody far in the business, we think.

Page Published 5/9/09

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Cody Kyler

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