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Meet 21 year old Cole Hardy, Oklahoma native who's now living out west in Utah, of all places. Cole stands 5'8" tall, weighs about 145 lbs, has hazel eyes and a nice tempting 7" cock. Cole contacted us the moment he saw Eric Austyn posted to the website... something about an "obsession" to get fucked by him. So we thought "hmm, why not" and put his cute ass on a plane to Florida to shoot with us (and Eric). "Haha, yeah that's a true story", he laughed. "I remember what I pest I was until you hired me. I must've been so fucking annoying, right?". Well, he really wasn't. In fact, we were impressed by his determination. "Really? Wow, that's cool. I mean, I never saw a guy as hot as Eric. I knew it would make my year if I could do a video with him, plus working with you guys is like a dream come true". Flattery aside, we're happy to have met Cole. He's an excellent bottom (really takes a pounding) and he's got that adorable college fratboy look going for him. A true hottie.

Page Published 8/17/10

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Cole Hardy

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