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Another adorable North Carolina boy! 20 year old Connor Beckett comes to us from the Charlotte area, where he's a student by day and a webcam performer and model by night. Connor stands 5' 9" tall, brown hair, brown eyes... cute slender body and a delicious 6" dick that loves attention. "Oh yeah... haha", he laughed. "I'm all about getting my dick played with. Jerk me off, suck me off, whatever... as long as you're kissing me passionately. I fuckin' love that. I mean, sure... you can fuck me too... but I really get off during cock play". Check out Connor's photos and video and your mouth will be watering when you see just how yummy this boy looks close up. "Aww, thanks man. I think I clean up pretty nice. Haha. I know I'm a little hairy 'down below' if you know what I mean, but some guys really like that, ya know? Spread those cheeks and get it on! I guess I just like sex... hell no, I LOVE sex". Imagine sex with Connor... yes!

Page Published 7/4/10

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Connor Beckett

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