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Please welcome to the Citiboyz family Danni Sucre, a super sexy 21 year old from Texas. Danni is a compact 5’4” tall, with a nicely toned body, gorgeous smile and a very playful 6” dick. Back home in Texas, Danni is a college student majoring in physical education, and he works part-time as an aesthetics instructor at a local fitness center, where he teaches people how to maximize their physical appeal with proper fitting clothing and accessories, which sounds like an interesting job. But as Danni told us, he wasn’t always a physical specimen. “That’s very true”, he explained. “I was a skinny kid and picked on a lot because I was short, so I decided to work out like a beast. Been working out now for a few years, and its really paid off as you can see”. It’s true, there’s not an ounce of extra weight on his sexy frame, his pecs are beginning to pop out nicely and his ass is perfect. “Haha, actually its funny you would mention that”, he said, “because I fucking love my ass and it seems that most guys (and girls) agree. I consider myself versatile, but I really enjoy bottoming best”. He went on to explain that he is “into most types of guys if they’re in great shape… even daddies if they’re hot and have a bulging… wallet!”. And we would put his dick sucking skills at the pro-level. But, whatever. It’s just a real pleasure to have a young man like Danni on the model roster. We’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing him at work.

Page Published 12/18/16

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Danni Sucre