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Meet 19 year old Danny (yes, just Danny) from Chicago. Danny's got quite the body, don't you think? This young man stands 6'3" tall, 180 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes and owns an astonishing 9" cut cock hanging between his legs. Danny is also bisexual. "Which means I have the best of both worlds", he says. "But don't get me wrong. I love suckin' dick and I love gettin' fucked. But if a hot dude isn't around, I'm gonna fuck a chick". We can only think how lucky any guy or girl would be to get this young stud in bed, right? "Haha, thanks man. I guess you guys think I've got a good body or you wouldn't have hired me. And I'm gonna prove I can do the job". Interestingly, Danny wants to perform in both straight and gay adult videos, which we think is pretty cool. We're lucky to have him.

Page Published 3/8/11

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Allboy Magazine (Nov/Dec 2012)

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