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The "Boys of the Midwest" continues with 19 year old Derek James joining the Citiboyz family. Derek hails from Columbia, Missouri, home to the state university which he attends as an art major. This handsome, sexy young man stands 6 feet tall, weighs about 150 lbs. has brown hair and blue eyes. And we're sure you noticed the magnificent 7.5" cock. Derek loves to suck dick and be sucked, and he's equally happy fucking a tight ass or being fucked, although his boyfriend tells us that he's really a power bottom. "Oh really, he told you that!", Derek said. "Well, he's a good fuck so I let him think I'm really a bottom, but I'm versatile. There's nothing hotter than a flip-flop, though!'. When Derek's not in class, he told us he works as a cashier in a supermarket, and apparently has a fetish for the cart boys. "Oh, yeah. Haha. Well, there's some pretty hot high school seniors working there. You know how horny they are, right? Well, it's easy to get their jeans down and I admit I love sucking their dicks in the back of the store", he admitted. Sounds like an idea for a future video, yes?

Page Published 11/19/09

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