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Adorable doesn't even begin to describe this boy, 18 year-old Donavin Fitch. He came to us from West Lafayette, Indiana, where he's just starting college in Fall 2001. "I've wanted to be in a porn video for years.. ever since I saw my first one (a str8 one) when I was 14. When I turned 18, the first thing I did was start looking for video companies who might be interested in me. Citiboyz looked like the type of company I was looking for, and they liked me, so here I am!" This cutie was even better in person than we imagined. He had a "bad boy" aura about him that we couldn't resist using in his photoset. "Yeah, I do kinda have a bad boy image. Fact is it's true.. I've been into some shit.. but I'm doing ok. What kid hasn't been in some kind of trouble?" The crew found Donavin very easy to work with, and cooperative. He got into the sex with no problem, and even bottomed for the very first time in a scene to be used in Video #19. "I was nervous about it a first", he explains, "but it felt good so I let him (Chris Cortez) fuck me. Next time I wanna top, tho. Are you listening, Citiboyz?" Yeah, we're listening. Check out "Skaterboyz 2".
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Donavin Fitch

Featured in:
In Touch Magazine #316 (2005), In Touch Magazine #313 (2004), Playguy Magazine (Sept. 2002), Playguy Magazine (Feb. 2002)

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