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Meet 18 year old Enrique Garcia, our hot latino boi from South Florida! Enrique was the pool boy at the hotel we stayed at while vacationing in Miami Beach. That's how he came to our attention, because he kept looking over at us (and the boyz) while we swam in the pool and played volleyball. So, as you can imagine, we invited him up to our room when his shift was over, and he was only too happy (and eager) to show us his fine young body once he got there. "Fuck yeah, I couldn't believe you guys were at the hotel!", he told us. "I've seen your videos in the porn stores and on the internet. They're so fucking hot! I've been wanting to model, anyway, so meeting you guys was perfect timing!". And we agree.. Enrique has the youthful looks we love, a killer toned body, a very nice 7" dick and a desire to get wild in bed. "Well, duh!", he laughed. "I'm a submissive bottom boi. Put me to work! Haha, seriously though I'm really horned up by a guy kinda dominating me... telling me to suck his cock.. or smacking my ass while he fucks me.. I love that!". We couldn't be more pleased to welcome Enrique to the Citiboyz family and we plan to bring you lots of Enrique videos. This boi's a keeper!

Page Published 7/21/07

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Enrique Garcia

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Allboy Magazine (June/July 2009)

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