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Say "howdy" to Ethan Cross, our 19 year old Texas cowboy! Ethan hails from the Dallas area, although he's originally from west Texas where he grew up on a ranch, raising horses and cattle. "You could say I had a real life 'Brokeback Mountain' experience, ya know?", he told us. "That's pretty much the way I lost my virginity... to this fuckin' hot 21 year old ranch hand that was workin' for my daddy. We were out in the backcountry tendin' some work and, well, we got a little drunk and pretty soon we were suckin' each others dicks, and then I fucked him. Damn, it was hot! I just lubed up with some spit and shoved it right in. I've been a rough top ever since!", he laughed. And we're not at all surprised this hot young man continues to get the boys whenever he wants... that attractive 5'11" frame... cute smile... hazel eyes... they're designed to lure boys into his trap. "Well, yeah. Works for me! I have an uncut cock, too, so guys are fascinated with that. They're like "whoa!" and just when their mouth is open I shove it in and let them suck it. It's great to be me!", he told us. And on that we would agree :-)

Page Published 7/26/08

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Ethan Cross

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