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Sexy Ethian James comes to us from Chicago, where he's studying fashion and cosmetology and works part time in a trendy salon on Michigan Avenue. In fact, that's how we met him... handed him a business card and a few days later he called wanting to model! "Haha, yeah that's how it happened, alright!", he laughed. "I love showing off, and I'm pretty sexual, so I thought 'what the fuck' and decided to give you guys a call. My first shoot was great. I was nervous, but once I got naked and horny everything was fine!". Sounds like our kind of guy. Our boy Ethian stands 5'9" tall, weighs about 130 lbs., with brown eyes and hair color that changes often. "I know, I know. That day it was jet black, which looks good on me, don't you think?", he asked. We would agree. That and a nice hard, thick 7" dick. And he's a total top, so watch out if you catch him checking out your ass!

Page Published 6/6/09

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Ethian James

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