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Whoa! That was our first reaction to seeing "bad boy" Gio Jameson, 21 year old hottie from Charlotte, North Carolina. We first spotted him dancing at one of the trendy gay night clubs, stripped shirtless... body glistening from sweat... surrounded by admirers. It was love at first sight. We handed him a business card and heard from him just a few days later. "Yeah, I thought I'd give porn a try", he laughed. "Everybody here has heard of Citiboyz, and you guys have a good rep, so here I am. But I kinda just want to shoot solo for awhile and see how that goes for me". Fair enough. If solo is all this hot young man wants to do, then we're glad to be the ones who've filmed him. But we're hoping for more, of course. In the meantime, enjoy looking at this 5'9", brown haired, blue eyed, mesmerizing stud. "Well, I'm still thinkin' about hardcore. I know it would be hot. I'm pretty much a top. I love to fuck skinny younger dudes, like skaterboys. Damn, they get my blood pumping. I'll tear up a hot skater kid!". Sounds good to us too!

Page Published 4/16/10

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Gio Jameson