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Meet sexy 21 year old Houston Cummings, half latino but 100% hottie, who comes to us from (of course) Houston, Texas. We ran into Houston on a scouting trip; we were checking out a dance club for hot boys and spotted him right away, his smile (and shirtless chest) drew our attention. He's also very masculine acting in person, which is a big plus to many of our fans. Houston is 5'6" tall, a solid 150 lbs., brown eyes and has a 7" uncut dick that's more than a handful. "Haha, I was more than happy to let you guys help me out during the shoot", he laughed. "My own hand is one thing, but someone else's is even better". During our conversation, Houston admitted that his young, muscular boyfriend gets turned on by the idea of Houston showing off and "he fucks the hell out of me after seeing me flirting or showing off my dick or my ass. It really gets him hard and horny. Sometimes we play together, too, if the guy is really hot, but at the end of the day I'm true to my man". With an accepting boyfriend, we expect to see more of Houston in the future. "I really want to bottom on camera for a huge dick", he admitted. "Truthfully, my boyfriend wants to see me do that. I can just imagine how he's gonna wreck my ass afterwards, but it'll be great!". Sexy and up for anything, that's our man Houston.

Page Published 1/17/14

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Houston Cummings

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Allboy Magazine (Mar/Apr. 2014)

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