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Meet Jacob Black, handsome 21 year old aspiring actor from St. Louis. Jacob is 5'10" tall and carries 130 lbs. on his slender frame. He has black hair, brown eyes and a tantalizing 8" cut dick. He's a little hairier than some young guys, but not everyone goes for the totally smooth look. "That's true. Lots of guys like the masculine look. They like burying their face in my curly black hair", he laughed. The point Jacob made about the attraction to masculinity is true, especially with him since he's very masculine looking and acting and has a deep voice. "But don't let that fool you. I love the boys. I can suck any dick and I love to get fucked hard", he told us. And the proof of that will be in his work, which we are proud to present.

Page Published 4/15/13

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Jacob Black

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