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Welcome 19 year old Jake Lyons to the Citiboyz family! Jake is from Kentucky originally, but now makes his home in San Diego CA. He's a petite 5'5" tall, 125 lb. bundle of energy, with sexy brown eyes and a thick 7" dick. And although he tops on occasion "for the right guy", Jake is a power bottom who loves being fucked deep, hard and often. "You got that right, man". he told us. "I fuckin' love getting my ass pounded. I can't explain it; I go into a trance or something when I'm getting fucked. I can take the biggest dick... the deepest fuck... the longest session. I've been fucked 5 times in one day and it still wasn't enough". We gave Jake as much cock as we could, as often as we could, but it still wasn't enough. "Oh yeah, I know, right? Haha. I remember I kept telling you I needed more cock up my ass". Jake's going to be a fine addition to our roster of models, as you can imagine. And if there's ever a shortage of bottoms, we know who to call!

Page Published 8/21/10

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Jake Lyons

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Allboy Magazine (Oct/Nov. 2017)

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