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Say hello to 19 year old James Lexington, fresh out of the military and working as a stripper and entertainer at a popular Midwest nightclub. James is 6'1" tall, weighs 170 lbs., has brown hair and brown eyes and a respectable 7" dick, which he uses to tantalize persons of both sexes. "That means I'm bisexual!", he confirmed to us. "I guess I was pretty much straight until just recently, though. I always had girlfriends in high scool and I loved fuckin' them. In the Army, I'd fuck chicks just like the other guys in my outfit". So what changed, we asked him? "Well, I guess I always kinda fantasized about sex with guys but it wasn't until I started working at the club and saw how normal it seemed, ya know? So I started messin' around with guys here and there and before long I was suckin' their dicks, letting them suck mine and fuckin' them in the ass, which is awesome hot!". James isn't sure how far he wants to go with modeling, but for now he's comfortable with his body, and knowing that there are lots of fans out there who appreciate his "bad boy" look.

Page Published 2/14/11

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James Lexington

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