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What a Greek God, eh? You can surely say that about this amazingly hot 19 year-old from Miami, where he's a concert promoter. Jason's a US citizen, born in Greece of American parents of Greek descent while they were stationed in the Air Force. "That's what got me interested in working on my body", he told us. "My dad was always at the gym, or running or something. He had a killer body. I look a lot like him at my age, I think". Jason's stats are 5'8", 170 lbs. (of muscle), brown hair and blue eyes. And a nice 7" dick. To be honest, Jason's straight. Sorry, guys. "Haha, well yeah it's true. But I wouldn't rule out going bi someday. I guess I've just never seen a guy yet that got me hot!" Anybody want to audition?
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