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Meet 20 year old Jesse J. Jordan, from New York City! Jesse stands 5' 5" tall, weighs 125 lbs. has brown hair and green eyes, and a very delicious looking 7.5" dick. Thanks to a blogger friend who put us in touch with Jesse, he's now a member of the Citiboyz family and we're very pleased about that, especially since we've never had a contortionist before... you know, someone who can twist and turn his body into a pretzel. And this boy likes to get kinky that way! "Haha, yeah it's true. I think it's fun and sexy", he laughed. I really like it when I go to bed with some guy and while he's not looking I'll do a handstand on the bed or something and they're like 'whoa!'. It's funny. But seriously, it's a real blessing in bed. I can get into just about any position you can think of, and a lot you never thought of". True, yes. Which makes this young man a great addition to our roster.*.

Page Published 11/3/10

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Jesse Jordan

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Allboy Magazine (Aug/Sep 2011)

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