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Meet 21 year old Jonny Sinclair, a cute, smooth SoCal boi with Pacific Islander heritage. Jonny stands about 5' 9" tall, weighs 150 lbs., and sports a thick 7" dick. Add to that his nicely rounded bubble butt and you get one sexy young man! Jonny's attracted to taller, athletic types and, in fact, was the real-life boyfriend of model Ace Sinclair at the time he filmed his scenes with Ace. "Mmmm, yeah I love the hot athlete types. They get my cock hard. That's why I belong to two gyms and the YMCA!", he laughed. "When I first saw Ace, I wanted to fuck him right there and then, in the locker room. I never imagined he'd be mine and I'd be fucking him every night!". And it's true... Jonny's a total top and he knows how to deliver a powerful fuck. "Hell yeah, I know you guys liked what you saw", he boasted. "I'm good at I sex and I can't get enough. So bring it on!"

Page Published 3/9/08

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Jonny Sinclair

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