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Hot, hot, hot! Justin's only 18 years old, and comes from Louisville, Kentucky. He's 5'10" tall, weighs just 115 lbs., and has a perfect little 28" waist that you just want to hold him by while you bend him over and fuck him. Yes, he's a bottom. And a great one, from what he tells us! Plus, he has a perfectly shaped 7" dick that looks like a monster when it stands out from his slender torso. If you like your boyz thin and hung, Justin's your boy! And what's even better about him, in our humble opinion, is that he's a little masculine, too. Meaning that he's got just the right amount of fuzz on his legs, crotch and ass to tease your tongue. "Oh Lord, what the fuck's up with that!", he laughed. "I guess I just like to keep it natural. I trim a little, but I don't like guys all shaved and smooth. I mean, it's OK if that's what they want, but I like a guy to be a guy!". Justin tells us that he's a freshman in college and works part-time tutoring high school boys with math. "Damn, I've got some real hotties this year!", he exclaimed". "I'm going to send the 18 year-olds to Citiboyz. I promise!".
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Justin St. James

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