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Meet 21 year-old Justyn Steele, who comes to us from Indianapolis. Justyn stands 5'7" tall, weighs a petite 125 lbs., has brown hair and piercing green eyes, not to mention a shapely 7" cock that's always ready for action. Justyn works construction, so he's obviously in pretty good shape. "Well yeah, I'm not a big guy, so I get all the jobs like crawling under floors, climbing into attics and stuff like that", he told us. "It's like aerobics, though. It works out all the muscles!". Of course, Justyn's "love muscle" needs a workout sometimes, too. "Fuck yeah it does!", he laughed. "I love fucking my boyfriend Jake. Sometimes I let him fuck me, too. I'm so damn horny all the time, ya know? After work I want to grab a beer, light up a joint, take out my dick and let the boyfriend suck the cum right outta my balls. And before I go to bed, I fuck him. That's my idea of a good night!". Ours too.

Page Published 2/13/07

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Justyn Steele

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Allboy Magazine (Apr/May 2010)

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