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18 year old Karter James comes to us from Chicago, the Windy City! Handsome, masculine and sexy define this amazing young man, and incredible performer. Karter is 6 feet tall and 150 lbs. of sleek physique, topped off by soft brown hair and hypnotizing hazel eyes. Add to that a gorgeous 9" dick and you've got perfection. Our photographer was impressed (and he sees lots of naked boyz). "Oh come on now", Karter protested. "I'm not all that, am I? I mean, I never really thought of myself as a pornstar type". Now, you Citiboyz fans out there will disagree, we're sure, since this boy has all you look for... and charm. "Well, I have my wild side, of course. I'm practically a sex addict. I love to fuck, and get fucked. And I love getting sucked off. I'm verbal, too. That gets me very excited. But I'm also kinda quiet and thoughtful. Did I tell you guys I'm studying cosmetology? You know I'm not femmy at all. It's just that I really like it. It's artistic to me. Until I finish that, I'll have fun making porn videos for you guys"! Well, fans, enjoy this boy's work. And hope he stays in the business a long time. This is one boi we know you'll appreciate.

Page Published 4/7/09

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Karter James

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine (June/July 2010), Playguy Magazine (V12N1 2012)

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