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Kayden Kyle is our newest addition to the Citiboyz family, coming to us from the Chicago suburbs. Kayden is 18 years old, stands 5’10” tall and has brown eyes. And we might add… a fantastic 9” dick. And he really knows how to use it, too. “Haha, yeah. Guys love my dick. I’ve been getting’ it sucked all through high school but now I’m ready to do some ass-damage with it”, he laughed. It’s great to work with Kayden because he’s serious about doing a good job, and he’s a genuinely nice young man. “Well, thanks man. I appreciate that. I’m trying to make a name for myself in the business”. All this boy needs to do is stay looking cute and sexy, keep his dick hard and fuck like a beast. So far, he’s well on his way.

Page Published 10/18/17

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Kayden Kyle