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19 year old Kyle Collins (brother to Cache Collins) comes to us from Arkansas, where he's a construction worker. On the weekends, he and Cache would hit the big city in search of the hot clubs, and this is what brought them to St. Louis where they caught our attention. Kyle is straight, but open-minded. "Haha, I'm glad you added that on... because it's true. There's just about nothing I wouldn't try. I love sex and can't get enough of it", he told us. This cute young man is 5'7" tall, 140 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes and carries around a lovely 7" dick. "Which I'm dyin' to get to use in some porn video... fuckin' some hot young thing. Girl, of course. But I'd let a dude suck me first... and maybe lick my hole while I'm fuckin'. I'm kinky like that". We have to admit we like the bad boys a lot....

Page Published 6/23/13

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Kyle Collins

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine (Aug/Sept 2016)

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