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Cute as a button... and sexy as hell... that's our little star Kyle. Standing 5'6" and weighing only 125 lbs., this hot 18 year-old stud is a compact ball of sexual dynamite! Who wouldn't fall in lust at first sight around this blond haired, blue eyed hottie! Kyle comes to us from suburban Chicago, where he is just starting college, studying dance and music. In his spare time, he works at a part-time job and enjoys hanging out with friends and partying. "That's right.. I love to party!", he laughs. "Even if no one's around, there's always a party in my pants!". We don't doubt him, either. When he arrived for his shoot, he was already horned-up beyond belief, and with every piece of clothing he took off, he just got harder and harder. "Oh yeah.. I was hot and horny that day, alright!", he stated. "It's a good thing you had that three-way scheduled with Nathan and Cody. As horny as I was, I was gonna get fucked no matter what!". This boy loves to bottom, as we soon discovered. But he's equally comfortable being face-fucked. "Fuck yeah... the rougher it is, the better I like it. Pound my ass... stuff my mouth full of cock... that's heaven!".
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Kyle Peterson

Featured in:
In Touch Magazine #315 (Mar. 2005)

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