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Meet Landon Wright, 21 year old Oklahoma native. Standing 6 feet tall, 160 lbs. on a slender frame, this young man is no stranger to looks and stares. Add the dark brown hair and blue eyes (and the nice 7" dick) and you've got one irresistible boy. "Yeah, well thanks", he laughed. "Seems like I was born to flirt and tease. Girls hit on me all the time, but I'm totally into guys, like 30 to 40 year-old in-shape types, you know... business types. Those are my favorite". We asked him if that was because of the appeal of a man who might be well off? "Not 100 percent", he told us. "Success is huge turn-on, though. A guy who looks like he's confident and doing well, plus a bangin' body and a big dick... that gets me horny and hard". Landon is versatile, but prefers to bottom, and loves sucking dick. "Oh my yes, stick a big thick cock in my face and I'm gonna be all about that", he told us. Sounds like this boy knows what he likes and how to get it!

Page Published 5/4/14

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Landon Wright

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