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21 year-old Levy (pronounced ‘levee’) Foxx comes to us from the Minneapolis area where he works at a manufacturing plant. He came to us by way of referral from another model, Ricky Flores, and we’re grateful to Ricky for hooking us up with such a sexy specimen. Levy is Filipino-American, stands 5’7” tall and carries just 110 lbs. on his slender frame. He has brown eyes, and a nice thick 6” cut cock. His favorite thing is sucking dick and getting fucked, and yes that’s exactly what he told us. “Well, I guess for a young guy I’m pretty sexually experienced”, he says. “I’ve been fooling around with guys since I was a young teen and I especially like guys about 10-20 years older than me with big cocks who can fuck me for a long time!”. Paying attention, guys? “Seriously”, he told us, “I can go for an hour or longer and change positions all you want. I just like it really rough and I’ll milk the cum out of you if you let me”..

Page Published 10/18/17

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