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Meet 19 year-old Logan Warner, college hottie from Durham NC. Logan stands 5'9" tall, weighs in at 140 lbs., has brown hair and brown eyes and sports a magnificent 8" dick. Logan is a student at Duke University where he's majoring in biology. He hopes to enter medical school after graduation. "I like working with bodies", he chuckled. "Hot, male bodies to be precise. I like to examine them up close and, when necessary, probe them. Haha.". So it sounds as if Logan has the right idea. We "probed" him to tell us more. "I'm a sexual person. I mean, I have a really high sex drive. I need to have sex every day, and I don't mean just jacking off", he explained. "I'm online a lot and when I'm not, I'm at the gym. I meet a lot of hot young guys. If I can get my dick sucked, that's great... but I'd really like to fuck some tight ass. I love being the aggressive one, like makin' a dude take a pounding or a face-fuck. I shoot a ton and like it when a guy licks it up". Well, who wants to be the lucky one to meet this boy some night?

Page Published 6/1/14

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Logan Warner

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Allboy Magazine (Mar/Apr 2015)

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