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18 year old Luke Anthony could very well be the definition of "cute", don't you think? Standing just 5'6" tall and weighing a mere 120 lbs., this boi projects youth and sexuality, with a hint of "attitude" that makes him charming yet a little mysterious. "Um, well thanks I guess", he laughed. "I guess I do kinda like to be a little mysterious. I tease and flirt a lot, ya know? But I don't give it up that easy. You gotta charm me into bed haha". And lucky is the man who gets this young stallion in the sack, that's for sure. Luke's slender, naturally smooth body and 7" uncut cock serves him well, he told us. "Fuck yeah! But ya know what? I'm really more of a bottom boi. And I like big dicks. I mean really big dicks. Really really big. It feels so fuckin' awesome gettin' pounded hard by a big cock. It's the best!". Well, who are we to dispute that statment. I think we'll just have to see for ourselves. And maybe we'll let you, the viewer, check it out too! In the meantime, feel free to drool over this incredible young man. He might like it ;-)

Page Published 7/30/07

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Luke Anthony

Featured in:
Mandate Magazine (March 2009)

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