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If cute, young Hispanic boyz are your passion, then you don't need to look beyond this one! From the day he contacted us, we were excited about the prospect of making Mikey a Citiboyz boy, and he didn't disappoint us. Standing 5'4" and weighing in at only 115 lbs, but sporting a monster 8" uncut dick, 18 year old Mikey gets respect (not to mention a lot of lustful stares) when he strips! Austin TX is home to Mikey, where he just finished high school and plans to attend college. "I'm not sure what I want to major in, but maybe it'll be art. I love to draw, which got me in lots of trouble in school because I'd sit in class and draw naked men!", he laughed. "I'm just really fascinated with the naked male form. I love guys! What can I say? Young or older... doesn't matter... as long as they have a good body!". When we met up with Mikey, he was doing some light aerobics at the health center where he works. "I really like it here because we get a lot of college guys.. really HOT college guys! I've even had dates with some of them... and I can think of 2 or 3 that I had to have like right now... so there's this unused backroom... and we'd just go in there and mess around!". Mikey is very open, totally out, and willing to talk about his sexuality. "I'm kind of a newcomer. That is, I haven't been having sex very long, but I guess I knew I was gay a long time ago. I really like to kiss and play around, and I love sucking and getting sucked. I haven't done much anal sex, but I tried both positions and I think I'd really like being a bottom... for the right guy, of course!".
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Mikey Diaz

Featured in: Allboy Magazine (Mar/Apr. 2017), In Touch Magazine #316 (2005), Playguy Magazine (Apr. 2003), Allboy Magazine (May 2002).

Selected as one of the Top 200 Gay Pornstars of 2003 by Adam Gay Video Guide.

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