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Sultry as a New Orleans summer night, and sweet as pecan pie... that's our 18 year old Southern sweetheart Nathan Brooks, who caught everyone in Chicago off-guard with his Southern charm and disarming smile. But don't be deceived... this young man has a body built for sin, and he knows how to use it. Sexy Nathan put on quite a show during his photo session, and then proceeded to dazzle us with a solo j/o performance that had us gasping for breath. "Y'all really liked that, didn't you?", he laughed. "Nothing gets me hotter than showing off my body, and the idea that there's a camera there just gets me boned to all hell!". And just when we thought it couldn't get any hotter, we placed Nathan into a steamy 3-way scene with 18 year-olds Cody and Kyle. "Oh fuck, man! My fuckin cock was SO ready for that! Especially for that bubble-butt on Kyle... I wanted to fuck him SO bad!". And, of course, that's just what happened, but not until after the boyz took turns swallowing Nathan's delecious 7-incher. "Turn me loose with cute boyz like them, and I'll show y'all just how horny I can get!", Nathan stated. "Like, I can bottom. I can top. I can suck and get sucked, but when I'm horned up I'll do it all!". So you fans out
there have much to look forward to now,
from our newest Citiboyz star Nathan!
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Nathan Brooks

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine
(Sept/Oct 2005)

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