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19 year-old Nevada Adams hails from down south... South Texas to be precise. This 5'10", green-eyed, big dicked cutie's been wanting to get into modeling for a long time. "Hell yeah! I know I've got a good body, and a hot cock", he told us. "I started lookin' around for studios when I was like 16 or 17, but I finally found you guys and I knew you guys were the perfect fit, cuz I'm a bad-boi and I like guys like me. So I knew I'd fit right in, and I can't wait to do more videos with y'all". You can tell from his pics that Nevada's a "bad boi" type, and we think he pulls off the look really well. "Haha, yup! If showing off and having sex in public bathrooms, and fuckin' teasin' guys in stores at the mall is being a 'bad boi' then that's me! I love strokin' my big cock and knowin' some dude is watchin' me. And I'll flirt with him, too. Sometimes if I'm really horned up I'll take him home and fuck him, or at least make him suck me off. I'm just a dirty boi! I love bein' horny and hard, and I fuckin' love shootin' my load on some hot dude!". That's the perfect attitude for this business, so we know he'll do well!

Page Published 8/17/06

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Nevada Adams

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