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Say hello to Nick Guerrero, 19 year-old Latino stud from the St. Louis area. We met Nick at a local dance club where he was constantly shirtless and showing off for the boys and girls alike. While self-identifying as straight, Nick could be persuaded to fuck a hot guy. "Well, maybe... just maybe", he told us. "I love sex with girls, so it couldn't be much different with a guy, right? But I'd have to be really turned on by him... I'd kinda be into somebody like me". Nick's stats are 5'6" tall, 150 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes and a gorgeous 8" cock. When he's not partying, Nick does construction and landscaping and that helps him stay fit, but he's really one of those lucky young men who are naturally fit. Anyway, we hope to bring you more of this amazing looking young man.

Page Published 1/17/16

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Nick Guerrero

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine (April/May 2016), Allboy Magazine (Oct/Nov 2017)