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Meet 20 year old Phillip Frieze, who comes to us from the St. Louis area. Cute as a button, isn't he? This young man stands 5'6" and weighs in at just 120 lbs., but he's a bundle of energy and amazingly athletic, and sharpens his skills working as an exotic dancer. "I've always been fascinated with dance", he told us. "I'm part Filipino, and that side of the family is really involved in the arts, especially ballet. I decided to combine it with sexuality, that's all", he laughed. Phillip is gay, versatile in bed and prefers cute young guys who have a naughty side "as in 'fetish'... ya know, bondage and roleplay and that stuff. I think it's really hot. I'd love to be tied up and fucked by the school soccer team... that's my ultimate wish", Phillip confided. A cute young man... talented... sexual... that's our boy Phillip.

Page Published 11/12/09

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Phillip Frieze