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Please welcome to the Citiboyz family 19 year old straight boy (yes, we said straight boy) Remy LeBeau, who comes to us from sunny Tampa FL! Remy's 5'6" tall, 140 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes, gorgeous 8" dick (cut) and just one of the most gorgeous overall appearances we've seen in a long time. "Thanks for the flattery", he chuckled. "Maybe it's my Puerto Rican ancestry... I dunno. I get hit on constantly by both guys and girls". Although he's straight and has a girlfriend and "can fuck 3 or 4 times a day", he's still interested in doing something with a guy on camera, so stay tuned for that. "Well, yeah... I'm horny all the time... and I kinda want to see what my gay friends rave about... this gay sex thing, so I guess I'm up for giving it a try!". Look for more from this young man... guaranteed.

Page Published 3/21/10

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Remy LeBeau

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